Source: Modern Financial & Investment Planning by Tom Valentine Shares have certain risk characteristics which needs to be understood to manage investor risk profiles. Its high short term volatility of their prices and the returns on them – are not sensible investments for clients with short time horizon. Market value of a company = no. […]

Source: Modern Financial & Investment Planning by Tom Valentine Fixed interest securities (Term deposits, Bills) are attractive asset class because they have relatively stable returns and little default risk, especially for risk averse investors. As with all asset classes, the returns for the fixed interest securities are dependent on the credit risk. Further, prices for […]

Author: Tom Valentine Chapter 2: Savings, Financial Markets and Financial Planning Loundes (2001) found that the Australian taxation system particularly favours superannuation. There is a trend where retirees relying on government pensions will have fewer taxpayers to provide their income. Hence, there will be fewer working age people to support the retiring population as a […]

As of March 2013, business interest rates have come down to a level not seen for a long time (3yr BBSW levels). As a result, there are a lot of business opportunities where the possibilities of purchasing businesses and buildings have suddenly become attractive and profitable. Examples include childcare, boarding houses, hostels, pharmacies etc. However, […]

  In Australia, there is a general love of property – its tangible and over the past 60-70 years since WW2, it has underpinned wealth creation for many Australians. Nowadays, there are greater demands for property located in highly urbanised areas and as a result, a lot of local councils have been more lenient towards […]

// Here is a simple trick when I was studying the cash flow cycle of businesses. In the past 12 months, I have witnessed a dramatic focus on the business ability to recycle the cash in the business and the way it meets its monthly commitments. More specifically, I have found myself focusing on businesses […]

Found this interesting article where it can help save interest and your tax bill by doing a few simple things. Its surprising where you find information but when you do find something, I like to share it with people to help them save as well.// The following tips are great for: people with mortgages, PAYG […]